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Reliance Energy Bill Pay

Insta pay is a payment service launched by reliance energy to pay reliance energy bill online. The insta pay rescues the customers from the long queues and the problem of spending time to pay the bill in the reliance counter. It will eradicate the bill counters totally, as it works online. Insta pay is associated with reliance energy bill pay.

You Can Pay the Reliance Energy Bill Online in These Three Ways:

  • ITZ Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Net Banking

Reliance energy bill pay has made it possible to pay bills through ITZ cards. This payment method is for those who do not possess credit card or do not have a net banking account. They can easily purchase an ITZ card and pay the electricity bills from their respective homes.

If the bill amount is limited to Rs. 250 you can avail a discount of 0.5% on payment of bill from your credit card or online banking. This way the payment method is not only comfortable and easier but also beneficial. This has made the payment method popular among consumers.

Maximum Limit

There is however a limit for paying the bill amount. Online bill payment cannot exceed the amount of 10,000. The consumers who use it private or household purposes are comfortable with this amount, but it is not the ideal amount limit for a firm or a business, for them the traditional method of paying bills at the counter is suitable.

How to pay?

Online bill payment is quite an easy process. There are several options given when you log into the account. You have to enter the account number printed on the electricity bill and the due amount will be shown instantly then you have to select the pay option and choose the payment method, I.e. credit card, net banking or ITZ card. After all the details are filled consumers are provided with a transaction no. for the acknowledgement of the bill payment by the company.

Allowed Credit Cards:

  • American express Cards
  • Diners card
  • Visa card
  • Master card
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